ICG is pleased to announce that DIT has increased its stake in Flinders Ports. The acquisition was completed as part of a sale process undertaken by one of the existing shareholders under which it sold down part of its total interest.[toggle]Local DIT is now Flinders Ports largest shareholder, and the new investment will entitle Local […]

The senior debt facility in the Wattle Point Windfarm has been successfully refinanced with Commonwealth Bank. Wattle Point now has outstanding debt of approximately $167 million. [toggle]Craig Whalen, the ICG Director who led the refinancing, said that the new debt facility was put in place in difficult credit markets. ‘Successfully refinancing a capital structures of […]

On 31 August 2011, EIT and DIT’s investments in NCIG Series A and B Hunter Infrastructure Preference Securities (‘SHIPS’) were converted into Hunter Infrastructure Perpetual Redeemable Securities (‘HIPRS’) as part of the overall funding for the third (Stage 2F) expansion of NCIG’s Coal Export Terminal. [toggle]The commercial terms of the HIPRS are in all essential […]